Create Moods with These Practical Bathroom Lighting Tips

Bring out the uniqueness of your bathroom with these bathroom lighting tips:

  • PLC please – Slippery floors can cause accidents, so use PLC lights in wet areas, like above the shower stalls, and halogen lights where there is decor to be accented, like above a feature wall.

  • Mood boost – Don’t forget the candles! Soaking in a bathtub by candle light can be immensely relaxing and sensual experience.

  • Glow slow – Cove (or indirect) lighting adds to the aesthetic feel of the bathroom with a warm, soft glow.

  • Shower power – Avoid spills in the shower unit with lighting bright enough to make shaving and shampooing easier.

  • Tub tip – A recessed fixture, helps provide good lighting for the tub. Aiming the light’s beam at the edge of the tub, avoids glare.

  • Vanity fair – Halogen light above the vanity provides cross illumination when used in conjunction with other bathroom lights.

In a Nutshell....

The key to good bathroom lighting is balance. It has to be bright enough to let you see the color of your clothes you are putting on, yet gentle on your bleary eyes at 6 am.

What’s in now is indirect lighting that bounces off the ceiling or adjacent walls to create a glow bright enough for you to see without squinting. The lighting should be as close to daylight as possible, especially if you apply makeup in the bathroom.

Hide lighting points behind tray ceilings and skirting and under wall cabinets for a sleek, contemporary look.

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