Space Organization Introduction

Space organization is the essential starting point of creating your niche. As a guide, it involves giving thought to how you live and the relationship between well-chosen objects within any room without compromising its comfort.

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Another point to note is that it is not only the objects themselves that help create the uniqueness but also the mass of void between them and the spatial dimension – the height of the ceiling in comparison to the flooring, the size of the windows and the doors.

Practical Tips on Organization

I’m a firm believer that a home’s interior also needs to be practical. The space needs to suit the personality and needs of its owners' pattern of living – although a new blueprint may develop as their tastes and situations change.

The first step when designing a furniture plan is recognize the characteristics and benefits of the room. A well-planned room greets its inhabitants with all the information they need in terms of comfort and hospitality. So a dining room set will say ‘eat here’, the upholstered furniture will say ‘sit here’ and so forth.

For a family that enjoys preparing food and entertaining, a simple solution is to have a kitchen and dining room adjacent to one another or, in a smaller space, a galley or ‘ship’s kitchen’ as part of the dining/living room. But if the family dines out exclusively, then they may eliminate the kitchen in favor of a clean counter-top.

Beautiful interior spaces also take into account:

  • Interior circulation tips – for working with interior space and furnishing to allow moving around easy.

  • Space saving measurements - for advice on making every inch count.

  • Tips for odd spaces – for solutions to awkward spaces and corners.

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