Unique Home Decor Ideas

Looking for unique home decor ideas? Here's a guide on creating a contemporary home decor using furnishings, accessories, lighting and interior color.

Our homes' decoration is the most changeable element of the built environment. It gives us the chance to model or amend space as deemed fit and therefore, personalize it.

When looking for unique home decor ideas, I’ve always believed that the personality of the owners have to be taken into account. Through the choice of furniture, color, fabric, painting and sculpture, the look can be customized to fit into the lifestyle and tastes of the owner. The result? Beautiful custom interior.

The tips here are not exclusive to minimalist interiors. It does aim to provide contemporary design tips, with descriptions of how the old and new combine, how the bright can live with the faded, and how shadow can merge with light for a personalized look.

As this website is a work in progress, stay updated on this guide to contemporary home interior by taking a look at the latest articles and fresh themes I've revised/explored: 10.30.2012 Storage Planning Guide

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03.25.2012 Wishbone Chair - Design Showcase

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02.14.2012 Seletti Hybrid Collection - Design Showcase

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10.12.2011 Wall Decor with Paint

09.29.2011 Wall Decor with Stones

09.22.2011 Wall Decor with Paint

09.15.2011 Wood Flooring

09.14.2011 Carpet and Rugs

08.22.2011 Bedroom Decorating Tips

08.20.2011 Home Decor Flooring Guide

I’ve also provided my insights of contemporary interior design by integrating art, architecture, craft and design into a meaningful whole. It is hoped that from here, you’ll be given help in interior decorating and you’ll come back often.

If you're looking for a particular look or interior advise, try Google Search to look for it.

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Louis XV Goes To Sparta - Design Showcase
Louis XV Goes To Sparta - Design Showcase
Staircase by Laura Alvarez Architecture – Interior Showcase
Staircase by Laura Alvarez Architecture – Interior Showcase
Seletti Hybrid Collection – Design Showcase
Design showcase – Seletti Hybrid Collection
Zig Zag Chair – Design Showcase
Design showcase – Zig Zag Chair
Gaetano Pesce Up Collection – Design Showcase
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