Introduction to Choosing a Great Dining Table

Choosing a dining table goes beyond simple aesthetics. Its location determines its style and materials. In kitchens, a hard-wearing solid wood top is crucial. Large, formal dining rooms require a table with a strong presence; heavy ornate tables that look imposing work best here. If you dine alfresco on the balcony, an iron table that stands up to the elements will contribute romantic charm. If the dining area is in the living room you want one that blends in with the living furniture. These decisions will affect the look of the home and sense of space.

Before Shopping for a Dining Room Table

To fine tune your planning, here’s a list of things to consider prior to your purchase:

  • Budget – How much have you allocated?

  • Family – What is the size of your family?

  • Space – What is the size of your dining room? Cramped space makes getting in and out of chairs awkward.

  • Lifestyle – Do you entertain often? Formally or informally?.

  • Usage – What other usage do you have for the table e.g. study, arts and craft?

  • Special requirements – Do you need mobility or extend it to seat 12?

In addition to the above, take along the floor plan and measurements when you go shopping.

Tips on Picking the Right Dining Room Table

You'll find more information about selecting the right dining table here:

Dining Table Shape - When considering a dining room table, its shape is the most important since it affects the space in your unique dining room. Know the pros and cons of common shapes.

Dining Table Size – Take note of sizing details before buying and decorating the dining room.

Dining Table Material - Since the dining room table anchors the look of the space, its material affects the moods and style you’d like to bring to the room. Decide on what suits you best with these often seen materials. Finally, have a look at....

Dining Table Style – Make a statement and select the right style to add character and flair to your dining room.

Remember that a good dining experience needs a relaxed atmosphere so don’t get hung up on designer looks. No table should be so precious that guests are afraid of leaving smudges. Destined to be oft-used, this piece of dining room furniture must be adaptable to the household’s needs.


With the various roles we play today, we’d expect the home furnishing to fit into these roles. Thus, to maximize the use of the dining table, make sure it sits well with your living habits.

  • Special features – tables that can simultaneously be altered in form and function are visually pleasing and very adaptable. Great if you need a table at hand all the time

  • Prep counter – If the kitchen is small, the table is useful as a food preparation station. Hence, easy-to-clean surfaces are a boon.

  • Game task – children often use the dining room table for their own activities – homework, artwork, games etc. This may lead to scratches and stains on your table. So choose a hardy surface which does not show up damages easily.

  • Stowaway – A dining table which can be folded and kept away is an option.

  • Shape shifter – If storage is an issue, opt for a two-in-one that can morph from a coffee table to a dining table for four.

Here’re some more tips on creating your unique dining room with advice and guide on dining room decor and lighting.

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