Pros and Cons of Common Dining Table Material

Select the right dining table material with this guide:

Wood Dining Table

  • Ages beautifully and scratches fade away naturally

  • Hard-wearing, long-lasting

  • Unpolished wood has anti-bacterial properties

  • A wide choice of finishes

  • Cons:

  • Wood furniture is heavy and difficult to move and store

  • Often expensive if top grade woods are used

  • Prone to warping

  • Veneer Dining Table
  • The look of wood without its price. Usually less expensive

  • Does not warp, unlike wood

  • Impervious to water and spills

  • Wide choice of designs

  • Cons:
  • Less lasting than wood

  • May chip at edges

  • Glass Dining Table
  • Its transparency promotes a sense of space

  • Looks modern and sophisticated

  • A breeze to clean

  • Cons:
  • Sharp, transparent edges can be dangerous

  • See-through, so short skirts beware

  • Attracts dust constantly

  • Plastic Dining Table
  • Usually pretty affordable

  • Durable and easy to maintain

  • A wide variety of finishes, colors and patterns

  • Cons:
  • Doesn’t age well. Tends to “yellow”

  • Easily damaged by heat

  • Scratches are obvious and hard to repair

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    In terms of asthetics, the choice of dining table material affect the look of the space. So unless you're deliberately clashing the decor, ensure the dining table exudes a vibe that fits in with the areas nearby, like the living room. For example, a wooden table comes off as more classic an warm than a glass and metal combination. Each material also has its own pros and cons as illustrated above.

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