Great Dining Room Lighting Tips

These dining room lighting tips lends a finishing touch to the dining room decor guide, so you'll be able to enjoy dining in style and your meals have never looked better!

  • Dine in style - As the dining room has to be brighter than the living room, make sure the controls for the lights in both areas are separate. Halogen lights are recommended here as they make food look more appetizing and the tableware sparkle. Their dimmers allow you to change the mood as you wish.

  • Measure up – Consider the dining table’s width and length when choosing lights for your dining room. The longer the table, the more lights and a wide table means pendant lamps have to be hung higher up.

  • Hang right – Pendant lights that are uncovered at the base should hang just above the eye-level of the tallest person at home when seated. Hung too high, it may be glaring; too low, it’ll obstruct views. Typically, it's about 6 feet (or 1.9 meters) from the floor. For a wraparound lamp, hang it at the eye-level of the tallest person standing up.

  • Beautiful drop-like lamps hang over the dining room table

  • Reflect on this – If you have a glass table or glass cabinet doors, make sure the light is fitted with a diffuser so the diners are not looking at the reflection of the light.

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