Wood Flooring FAQ - Some Common Questions

Below is a list of wood flooring faq that are frequently encountered. Take a look before purchasing and selecting the right wood flooring for your home decor.

Wood Flooring FAQ 1: Is Wood Flooring Expensive?

With the range of wood flooring available, it is not hard to find a wood floor that’ll fit into your budget. There are many well-priced wood flooring that will give good investment returns as it is known to be durable and does not need replacement.

For those who prefer the pristine finish and regularity of color and grain that new wood provides, there are many choices. Popular and widely available lumber includes pale hardwoods like maple, ash, and beech, which have a light, clean look, and cherry, walnut, and oak, which come in deeper wood tones. New wooden flooring is sold in the form of solid boards, “engineered” plankwood, or as veneered boards.

Wood Flooring FAQ 2: What should I ask before installing wood flooring?

These are the top 5 questions you should ask:

1. What is the budget? – set a budget and stick with it.

2. What is the room’s usage and traffic? – select the wood flooring type and species according to the room’s usage. For example, a kitchen would have high traffic and moisture exposure.

3. What is the room’s decor style / design? – choose a style/design to compliment the room’s decor and I’d suggest that you look at the color and design before making a decision. Do not leave the choice to the contractor or the designer.

4. Who’s going to install the wood flooring? – I’d suggest using a profession wood floor contractor as there are many technical concerns that can adversely effect or compromise the product.

5. Who will maintain the wood flooring? – This may come as part of the purchase contract or you may have it included when negotiating with the contractor.

Wood Flooring FAQ 3: Which room should I install wood flooring?

Almost any room in the house except the bathroom. With modern technology, choose from a range of wood flooring types and installation options to fit your budget and home.

Wood Flooring FAQ 4: What type of wood flooring for which room?

Here’s a quick breakdown of wood flooring for the respective rooms:

Entry / Foyer – This is the area which many would feature customized flooring with accents, strips and borders. If you decide to keep it minimal and clean, use mats to protect the floor.

Family / Kitchen – With the high traffic, you may want to consider light colored wood floors. The grain of the wood also adds to the wear so check with the contractor prior to installation. Kitchen wood floors should be sanded and re-coated every 8 to 18 months depending on the frequency of use and traffic.

Living / Dining / Bedroom / Home Office – This has a choice of either light or dark colored flooring depending on the decor theme. The darker the flooring, the more formal and smaller the room. Home offices lean toward darker flooring though this is less so with contemporary interior decor.

Wood Flooring FAQ 5: Which species of wood flooring do I pick for my home decor?

Depending on your budget, and the area where you’d like wood flooring to be installed, pick from a range of popular wood flooring species. The recent trend in home decor for nature, retro and customization shows anything goes so pick from the popular Red Oak to more exotic Brazilian Cherry.

Wood Flooring FAQ 6: What wood color should I choose?

As a general guide, dark colors make a room appear smaller and more formal than a light color wood floor. Traffic marks will also show earlier. Light colors will give the room an airier, open feeling and recent home decor trends have moved towards lighter color. Trends aside, it is more important to complement the decor theme, furnishing, color and accessories in your rooms. Thus, it is important to plan your space organization.

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