Simple Window Blind Maintenance Tips - Cleaning

Some quick window blind maintenance tips include:

• Light dusting with a feather duster once a week to keep your blinds clean.

• Opening the louvers to one direction, dust it, reverse the direction and dust again.

• If you find stains on your fabric blinds, wipe it with a damp cloth.

• Vacuum weekly.

Window Blind Maintenance Tips - Fixing Your Blinds

What if the cords are twisted or the blinds are jammed? Try these simple window blind repair tips:

• Jammed Cord – The correct way to lift the blind is to grab the tassel, which holds all the cords together, and pull. Sometimes you may find that the blinds don’t raise or lower evenly. This is probably due to a jammed cord. Solution – Hold the tassel and try pulling again, this time making sure that you pull all the cords together. If that fails, call for a service man.

• Bad Slat – This is when a slat is damaged or badly stained. Solution – For vertical blinds, individual slats can be replaced, depending on the material. Venetian blinds are a little more troublesome as the whole set of blinds has to be sent back for the slat to be replaced.

• Broken Strings – Wear and tear might occur but this is rare. Solution: You can get it re-strung but it’s not recommended, as the cost of restringing is often quite costly. You’re better off getting a new set of blinds!

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