Seletti Hybrid Collection – Design Showcase

I chanced on the Seletti Hybrid Collection and is struck by the eclectic mix of patterns and shapes.

The tableware collection is made of bone china porcelain and features cups, saucers, dinner plates, bowls and coffee mugs.

Inspired by the differences and similarities in Eastern and Western ceramics, each piece mixed the aesthetics of each. This resulted in 2 distinct looks that’s divided straight down the middle, featuring different color, patterns and drawings, hence the name.

I like the deliberate uncoordinated look of the whole collection. They add a casual vibe that’s off-set by the classical, formal patterns. Adding them to your dinner table pretty much gives you the conversation starter you need.

These quirky pieces are seriously too pretty to eat off and won’t look out of place in a contemporary interior.

About The Designers

CTRLZAK is founded by Thanos Zakopoulos and Katia Meneghini. The creators of the Seletti Hybrid Collection wants to “operate on an international level in order to solve problems creatively mainly through art and design”.

Essentially, they embrace a team that’s diverse in culture and background to offer a fresh and contemporary perspective on creation.

For the issues examined, the team aims to provide creative solutions utilising the right tools and methods.

Thanos earned a degree in Product Design in UK and subsequently a post graduate degree in Visual Arts at the IUAV university of Venice (Italy). He has participated in many exhibitions and projects worldwide as an artist. You may view a selection of his works here.

Like Thanos, Katia is a post-degree graduate of Visual Arts at the IUAV University of Venice (Italy). Having participated in many international exhibitions, workshops and art residences, examples of her work may be viewed at her personal website.

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