Red Home Interior Inspiration

A red home interior is not for the faint-hearted. When choosing red for your home, you need to cope with this color.

This is because it's a color with intensity that can supersede all other aspects of a room if not given a boundary or two. It's the color of fire, stimulation and passion.

The best way to manage red is to be mindful of how you react to it and where you use it. Thus, if you're in need of some energy, it's a color that can provide a boost.

For the same reasons, it should be avoided in the bedroom if you're in need of rest and calm.

Before Using Red, Consider This.....

Track how you react to red before you employ it in your home.

Are you the overzealous type with boundless energy, prone to hyperactivity? Or are you more laid-back and prone to lazing around?

Consider also the dynamic of your family before embarking on a red home interior - how do you engage with each other within the context of your home?

Think about your life and what you need to get from it. Do you constantly crave for energy? If so, red will give you the stimulation that you need.

Red Works With.....

Other warm colors, such as orange and yellow in various tones.

Deep muted shades of plum give it some grounding while the more fresh and youthful shades of blue such as aqua give an an extra kick.

Neutrals, such as oatmeal or chocolate, when teamed with red help to tame it's feisty nature...

or simply with black...

Which Room?

As mentioned earlier, it's really a matter of where you need the energy and if you can cope with this color. Typically, I suggest keeping it to where the activity is such as the kitchen, dining and playroom.

Finally, if you think your life could benefit with a little more action, perhaps a red bedroom...

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