Bathroom Color Tips for Unique Bathroom Interior Design

Here are some bathroom color tips for your bathroom interior design:

  • To avoid looking bland, play with color contrasts.

  • Generic gray bathroom tiles get a lift when paired with bright aqua or orange. Soften the overall look with light gray or white bathroom accessories.

  • Peach/Terracotta-colored tiles are enhanced with dark soothing brown walls or deep porcelain blue. Add light with candles floating in a bowl of water.

  • If your walls are tiled, try painting your ceiling. A dark blue ceiling casts a blue hue on the room for an underwater-like feeling. Accessorize with seashells and starfish for a sea-themed bathroom interior design or blue bathroom accessories for a sleek look. The bathroom below brings the sea-theme closer with a circlular window that resembles a ship's port-hole
  • Dark-green ceilings create a lush jungle-like canopy effect. Accentuate this with plants and wood accessories. For a more bohemian look, pick vivid reds and purples paired with elegant, gold accessories. Else, go with silver accessories for a contemporary look.

Bathroom Color Tips - Bathroom with Gray and Orange Tiles Bathroom Color Tips - Red Bathroom in Mediterranean Theme Bathroom Color Tips - Blue Bathroom in Sea Theme

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