Great Tips to Maximize Bathroom Space

Here are some experts’ advise to maximize bathroom space:

  • Keep trims, doors and bathroom furniture like cabinets and surfaces in soft, cool colors to make the space appear larger. Pale and cool colors such as vanilla and pastels reflect light and can make a small room feel larger. Woodwork, trim and doors will seem more transparent if painted the same hue as the walls, allowing for a visually larger area. Better yet, keep counter tops and cabinets in the same shade for added transparency.

  • Try splashing the walls in light colors with an even lighter tint for the ceiling. This combination will make surfaces recede from view and make the room seem larger.

  • Create a taller ceiling with visual tricks. Wood moldings, wallpaper borders, wood paneling and tile designs placed where the walls and ceiling meet provide a splash of color and help naturally draw the eye upward.

  • A single vertical stripe on the walls will make them seem taller or opt for wall paper with tiny prints for a more whimsical approach.

  • Keep key features simple to make it easier for you to add details in any color when you next decorate.

  • Glass doesn’t reproduce a space but it doesn’t obstruct it either. Make wise choices. Glass doesn’t reproduce a space but it doesn’t obstruct it either. Make wise choices. Clear glass shower doors work much better in a small bathroom than shower curtains which tend to clutter the space.

  • Avoid large, bold prints which can clutter the space and hamper your efforts to maximize bathroom space.

  • Mirrored cabinets keep things away while allowing an illusion of space.

  • Be sure to place mirrors so they reflect the bathroom’s assets – whether that’s a wall hanging, a panoramic view or the widest room angle.

  • Mirrored cabinets keep things away while two mirrors placed opposite each other create the illusion of a never-ending room.

  • Keeping storage streamlined eliminates awkward and cluttered floor areas, to maximize bathroom space.

  • Movable bathroom caddies make spectacular alternative storage in even the smallest bathrooms.

  • Wall-mounted cabinetry, toilet bowls and basins fools the eye and helps free floor space.

  • Always go for sleek, scaled-down fixtures, if your bathroom is small.

  • Use right-angled sink and WC unit to make the most of tight corners for small bathrooms.

Maximize Bathroom Space with Bathroom Cabinets in Soft Color Maximize Bathroom Space with Sleek Scaled Down Fixtures Maximize Bathroom Space with Wall Mounted Bathroom Furniture and Fixtures

The bathroom can be more than just a place for showering and toilet business. Explore the possibilities of turning it into a multi-functional room during planning to maximize bathroom space, for instance, include a wardrobe space as well. A young couple I know built a walk-in wardrobe inside the master bathroom for convenience and to maintain an uncluttered bedroom. Earlier on, I also cited the example of the inclusion of a day bed for lounging in.

Maximize Bathroom Space with Day Bed and Hidden Storage

To keep the bathroom interior from looking bland, consider the following:

  • Introduce bold colors through accessories, towels, collectibles, artwork and even furniture. You can also add interest with a variety of textures, such as woven baskets, textured towels or floor mats. Complete the homely appeal by adding in family photos or artwork.

  • Vivid displays with mosaic tiles are all the rage now. Opt for stripes that will help elongate walls or enlarge small spaces.

  • Instead of conventional storage, maximize your options by recycling baskets, bag and other vessels.

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