Lighting Trend for the Contemporary Home

Here're some upcoming lighting trends for the contemporary home:

  • Color - One of the biggest trends in hip, boutique hotels, colored lighting has been transforming minimalist interiors into dreamy, out-of-this-world destinations. These mood-evoking rooms, which were designed based on concepts of color and light therapy, take on relaxing blues or even health-boosting infrareds that can invigorate the users. The picture below shows a room bathed in blue to induce peaceful sleep

  • Light sculptures - Artistic lighting may have been around for decades, but as technology gets more advanced and affordable, we can expect to find more breath-taking lights entering the home market. Some examples include tables with interactive, motion-triggered LED lights, or other furnishings with built-in lights that slowly change color and patterns. One example is the red room below; the walls actually consists of screensaver-like wallpaper, with lights that can change colors and patterns

  • Well LED - The biggest development in lighting since the invention fo the electric light bulb, sales of light-emiting diodes (LEDs) have been gaining popularity. Some key reasons include

    1) the ability for LED to produce more lumens per watt than other types of lighting (so it's energy-efficient),

    2) LED bulbs last 10 times longer than florescent bulbs and 133 times longer than incandescent bulbs,

    3) they're more durable due to absence of filament,

    4) they do not break and hold up well to jarring and bumping

    5) they do not cause heat build-up,

    6) LEDs last for years which translates into savings in maintenance and bulb replacement.

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