Contemporary Wall Decor with Plaster

Other than stone, wallpaper and fabric, wall decor with plaster is the alternative to the ‘unfinished’ look. Unpainted or uncovered plaster is another surface rich with associations. Plaster comes in a range of color, from pinkish beige reminiscent of fresco to a grayish industrial white. Leaving plaster more or less untreated is a strong modern look itself.

The exposed plaster is a soft, matt texture which is easy to enjoy. The warmer tones look particulary good in constrast with gleaming metal furnishings and fittings.

While off-white paster can be mixed with kaolin to give a chalky porcelain finish that is also extremely attractive and subtly different from plastered wall that has been painted white.

Maintenance of Wall Decor with Plaster

Bare plaster has a tendency to ‘dust’, so some form of seal is desirable. A thin coat of wax or seal may darken the plaster; adding a little white paint to the seal will help to counteract this effect.

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