Interior Circulation Tips for Ease of Movement

These interior circulation tips allow inhabitants ease of movement; in a decor that doesn’t work, it is impossible to place furniture properly, so that people do not bump into it. The sense of proportion is also affected by the use of furnishings. Adjusting the scale of furniture allows you to accentuate or disguise the volume of the space.

Thus for double-height, two-tiered windows that give the interior a vertical line, one way to balance the space and proportion is to use big, comfortable wing chairs in great blocks of color.

If the focal point of a room is double doors, or a panel of windows framing a view, it can be balanced with symmetrical seating areas on either side.

While constriction of movement is the main problem, excessive circulation can also be an issue, an endless succession of doors undermining elegance and uniqueness perhaps as much as bottlenecks and dead ends.

Sometimes, adding something can serve to enhance ease of movement. Someone I knew added a cube unit when re-organizing an interior space. It has a front section in the hallway with drawers for storage, while the back becomes a seating area with a banquette sofa. Thus the back of the ‘cabinet’ contains a room with the two sides of the cube forming the walls; making this a multi-purpose space and one of the many commonly-used interior circulation tips.

For a successful blend of interior circulation tips and proportion in home decor, it is vital to find the common threads that run through what you are dealt and what you are attempting to achieve. With skill and understanding, effective space circulation can be achieved.

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