Float Sofa – Design Showcase

The Float Sofa was showcased at the recent Salone Internazionale del Mobile

It’s the latest from designer Karim Rashid for Sancal

Photocredit: Karim Rashid

If you’re wondering about the high back, it’s actually a sofa designed for public places. As described by Sancal, it’s a “sofa that is also a screen.”

The high back doubles as a back wall so users can be assured of privacy while in an open space. It also allows one to hang scarves and coats while seated.

Photocredit: Karim Rashid

The sofa comes with 3 different backs; 2 with low back and 1 with high back. The latter offers the option of an inclined arm as if you’re lying down on a divan. If you desire greater privacy, hangers can be attached to the high back as if it’s a wall.

Photocredit: Karim Rashid

The bold mix of color are typical of Karim’s designs. The Float Sofa is no exception; the arms, seat, back and headrest can be upholstered in a single color or a combination of color and texture as shown here.

Photocredit: Karim Rashid

For those who appreciates strong, distinctive pieces of work, this makes an interesting sofa for the home.

About The Designer

Like most of the designers featured here, Karim Rashid is prolific and multi-disciplinary.

Photocredit: Yanko Design

Of Egyptian and English heritage, Karim was born into a creative environment; his father is an artist and set designer for film and television. This eventually translated to the breadth of his work; spanning home furnishing, home accessories to fashion, media and even interior.

Photocredit: Karim Rashid

Nicknamed “Prince of Plastic”, Karim is known to use plastic a lot in his designs as it allows him to create sensual shapes which are also very accessible to the public.

Photocredit: Karim Rashid

A perinnial winner of the Red Dot award and various other accolades, Karim finds time from his workto be guest lecturers at universities and conferences globally.

"I look way beyond design and architecture. Inspiration is accumulative. Everything can be inspiring. It is how you look at the world." – Karim Rashid

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