Home Decor Idea 5: Should you replace the existing dark brown marble flooring with white homogenous tiles?

Here’s the solution to home decor idea 5 above. Plain cream homogenous tiles are very common and will provide a neutral backdrop. However, a dark brown marble floor seems warm and unique. If it’s Italian marble and in good condition, it’d be a huge waste to hack this expensive flooring to replace with the homogenous tiles. The warm, natural color of the marble complements a Balinese décor concept for a luxury resort look.

Don’t worry about the flooring making the room appear dark – you can transform the look and ambience of the room with a few decorating tricks. Try brightening the space lots of glowing, sparkly accents such as large faceted mirrors, glowing metal lamps and light-reflecting ivory sofas and walls. Define the area with a large, beige flat-woven rug to further lighten up the floor.

The sharp contrasts between the dark, earthy floor and the light-colored furniture, satiny fabric and reflective metal lamps and fittings will keep the look interesting, luxurious and cued in to the tropical or ‘modern Balinese’ look.

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