Simple Kitchen Cabinet Renovation Guide and Tips

For those of you with budget constraints, here’s a kitchen cabinet renovation guide to give your kitchen a contemporary look. Assuming that the kitchen cabinet’s structure is still sound, you only need to replace the countertop and the cabinet doors to update the look. Using low-cost materials like paint, zinc sheeting or wood-veneer, the cabinets can be transformed into designer-look pieces at cost-conscious budget. The key is to match the color and look to a theme. For example, old cabinet doors can be replaced with MDF doors which can be customized by spray-painting them in tones to complement the color scheme of the kitchen.

The kitchen cabinet renovation guide if there’s more cash to spare - go for trendy brushed steel doors and a stainless steel worktop for white or pale wood laminate cabinets. A darker wood tone can be matched with a white postformed laminate countertop and matching doors for a brighter, airier look.

For either wood color, using sleek metal handles add an edgy accent to the cabinets. The mix of steel with wood ensures that the kitchen looks contemporary but does not end up feeling too cold.

However, you can’t assume that the cabinet’s structure is still sound. Often, wooden structures that look pretty good from the outside can be rotting in areas you can’t see. This is especially true of kitchens which are perpetually damp; the humidity as well as frequency and the way which kitchens are cleaned (soap plus lots of water) affect the degree of dampness.

Before proceeding with the kitchen cabinet renovation guide, you need to get a reliable contractor/carpenter to check the back and the internal structure. To be thorough, you should remove whatever you have inside the bottom cabinets so that he can do a proper inspection. If they are all right you can update the interiors by fitting them out with the latest wire shelving and pull-out racks to make them more efficient and to improve ventilation inside.

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