Practical Living Room Lighting Tips

These living room lighting tips takes into account the many activities in the living room. With these living room lighting tips, you’ll be able to get a grip of flexible lighting to accommodate the range of activities:

  • Mix Lighting - Avoid using one central light that will create hard shadows and glare. Instead, combine general lighting like fluorescent or PLC downlights with halogen lights. This will distribute light more uniformly throughout the space. Also, general light, recessed in the ceiling or spots overhead will need back up from 'task' lighting at eye level.

  • Spotlighting - Your prized decorations, be they a favorite pottery or sculpture – are probably in the living room. So show them off with spotlighting, this goes for art on walls as well.

  • Floored - Floor lamps are handy for areas where it isn’t easy to fit wall, ceiling or table lamps. Position one behind the sofa to add interest to a room.

  • Level It - Lamps placed at a low height around the living room emphasize the “sit-down” feel around the sofa.

  • Glare Gone - Don’t strain your eyes by watching television in a darkened room. Backlight your TV set by placing a lamp behind the screen to soften the contrast and reduce the glare.

  • Read Well - The best reading light is provided by a floor lamp with a bulb shielded from the eyes and adjustable shade that casts a direct beam of light to the exact spot you need it.

  • Chill Out - Dot table lamps around the room; such as side tables, shelves and consoles. When you want a chill-out mood, switch these on instead of general lights.

  • Diffuse It - For the day, folding screens of fabric, wood or paper on pivotal hinges can be unique options to curtains and shutters for diffusing light. Also, indirect lighting (suggested above) creates flattering glow. If you can, reflect light off the ceiling, walls and floor. I recommend using warm white light bulbs instead of daylight bulbs since the latter pick up everything, reducing the feeling of warmth most home-owners seek.

  • Control It - Using a centrally controlled lighting system, pools of light may be created in the living room to define separate areas.

  • Fake It - If you have areas where general lighting does not reach, install false ceilings with overhead downlights to cover the entire room with sufficient lighting.

  • Dim It – With a dimmer, you’d be able to control artificial light to suit your mood and the range of activities.

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