Home Decor Idea 3: More Mix and Match Home Decoration Ideas

Home Decor Idea 3: More Ideas on How to Mix and Match to Create a Unique Home Decor

Some more secrets on getting the correct mix for your unique home decor:

  1. A little chunk of antiquity can give a contemporary interior the dimension of time and add more weight to a featureless space. For example, mount an architectural fragment like a building cornice on the wall as if it were a console table.
  2. Play with irreverence - roll out an Aubusson rug on a concrete floor. The Aubusson cuts the edge of the concrete, and the concrete underscores the lurical softness of the rug.
  3. Attract with opposites - put a sleek white Saarinen table together with dark, elaborately carved Anglo-Indian chairs.
  4. Group hefty Baroque candlesticks on a slim glass-and-brass 1940s French table - usually at least three, rarely just one. There's safety in numbers.
  5. When setting the table, mix delicate French Limoges china with clear glass Pottery Barn dishses; or Fiestaware with Chinese blue and white. Nothing is more deadly than a dining table se with perfectly matched silverware and plates

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