Guide to Home Security and Safety

Here’s a quick guide to home security. While we’ve focused on home improvement, it’s also important to ensure this environment is protected and safe:

  • Think like a burglar: you’ll be able to identify the possible points of entry into your home. This prepares you for the enforcement you’ll need.

  • Keeping up appearance: you should create the impression the house is occupied even when you’re out for a while. Using timer switches to time your home lighting and keeping the radio on is one way to do this.

  • Be alarmed: if you’re not done so, consider engaging a professional home security company for alarm installation or discussion. A quick search got me security systems San Angelo which will be happy to help with your home security needs.

  • When you’re getting an alarm installed, ensure the wiring is concealed. The professional burglar will not have the chance to disconnect and disable the security system.

  • If you have an existing home alarm, get it checked periodically to ensure it goes off when it should.

  • Deadbolt your doors. Compared to spring-latch lock, burglars will find it harder to gain entry with deadbolt locks.

  • Credentials of door-to-door salesman should be checked before allowing entry into the house. Request their ID to be pushed under the door and call their office for verification. Before engaging professional domestic cleaners, go through their references thoroughly and call your Better Business Bureau to confirm their reputation.

  • When you lose your keys, change to new keys and locks right away.

  • Lightings with infrared detectors or motion sensory devices are good for areas of your house which are shaded or dark. Some people take this second idea further by installing laser trip wires that detect intruders. Review your home landscaping as trees and shrubs may shield burglars from view.

  • Be a good neighbor. Establish good relationship with your neighbor so you may help keep a look out and update each other should anyone notice suspicious characters lurking in the neighborhood.

Other Protections?

Besides burglars and intruders, protection against accidental dangers should also be considered. Besides smoke detectors, consider carbon monoxide detectors as well since carbon monoxide leaks are undetectable by human nose until it’s too late.

Having the right security system helps protect you and your loved ones. It allows you to sleep better under a blanket of security and adds to the enjoyment of your home.

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