Practical Space Planning Guide

In this space planning guide, here’re some questions to ask when planning your home decor:

  • How much is your budget for the renovation?

  • How long do you intend to stay at the present location?

  • Do you have children or planning to start a family? What are their ages?

  • What is your lifestyle like? (late nights out, frequent home entertaining)

  • How much space do you need for your activities? (study, home office, reading, TV)

  • Is there enough sleeping space for everyone, including your guests?

  • Do you have enough storage?

  • Do you know your style?

  • How many rooms are there? What are their uses?

  • List the furniture you currently own. Which do you want to keep and which to discard?

  • Have you considered a color scheme, or do you have a favorite color?

After answering these questions you should have a fairly clear picture of what you are working with or without. Use this space planning guide to help you establish your living style and plan before moving on for more tips on creating your space organization.

Living Room Planning

Applying the above concept to make the best use of your living room, consider:

1) Decide who's going to use the room and their activities

2) Ask how you're going to integrate audiovisual systems

3) Think about the focal point for the living room - it'll need another centre if the fireplace is absent. For the living room below, the pair of abstract paintings are the focal point. This is accented by the well chosen flowers

4) Choose types of seating that will suit all member of the family

5) Experiment with how furniture should best laid out and whether there is flexibility to move them should the need arise

6) Take into account the ease to maintain your finished scheme

7) Provide adequate storage for all types of items needed e.g. DVDs, CDs, magazines, books etc

The following living room shows how furniture is arranged symmetricaly to increase the sense of calm and balance. Upholstered stools and the fireplace banquette have been introduced to strike a slightly less formal note.

Example of a well considered living room layout

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