Practical Decoration Planning Guide

This decoration planning guide will help you decide on where to start as well as the rooms to prioritize. First, you need to recognize that a well-decorated home does not happen all at once. It can be approached in small doses that build to a bigger picture.

The key is to work out a budget so you would not have nasty surprises when you receive your credit card bills. A good decorator can help you with the costing process but if you’re on your own, you can approach the budget in 2 ways:

  • start with a total and allocate it room by room.

  • analyze each room from the perimeter and work your way in. This means starting with the ceiling and walls, determining their finishes and details. Next, consider the floor to determine the material, finishes and covering. Once the shell is complete, you can work your way through the decorative program of choosing electrical lighting, upholstery, decorative accessories etc. This process, when followed from room to room, ensures that nothing in the budget has been forgotten.

Decoration Planning – Which Room to Begin?

While people sink most money into decorating the kitchen and bathrooms, I suggest you give focus to the public areas such as the living room. Here’s a quick guide to the respective rooms of priority for decoration planning:

Entry / Foyer The room clearly sets the stage for all the beauty that will follow. Why not put this top of your list?

Living Room As this is the heart and soul of the house, this room should be designed to give space and warmth. The look of this room will usually set the tone and mood of your decoration project.

Family Room It’s where children and adults gather for pleasure so keep it simple and carefree.

Hallways Since we pass through them everyday, it makes sense to add beauty to this area. Think of this area as an art gallery with your favorite pictures and photographs.

Library This should be an intimate room for reading and quiet retreat. It’s also a great space to explore bright color and dramatic fabrics.

Dining Room While it has been more informal than before, it’s decoration can be kept economical and yet attractive.

Kitchen Since this is a functional room, you can keep decoration minor. Unlike other room in the house, simple accessories like a couple of beautiful baskets can add polish and complete the look.

Bathrooms Again, these rooms have a specific function. Before you start ripping the existing décor, charming wallpaper, a couple of photos and good lighting may be all you need.

Master Bedroom I doubt the children will mind if their room isn’t decorated right away. You deserve to teat yourself first.

Children’s Room This is an easy place to economize and invest in simple, store-bought furniture.

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