Great Wallpaper Decorating Tips

Having read the introduction to wallpaper, here’re some wonderful wallpaper decorating tips:

  • Framed – If you fancy a particularly beautiful designer pattern but can’t afford the stratospheric price, consider framing a large panel to hong on your wall. After all, it’s still beautiful.

  • Look up – Use wallpaper on ceilings to accentuate gorgeous chandeliers or just enhance understated lighting fixtures. All-over wallpaper design on the ceiling and walls can also disguise sloped ceilings and oddly angled walls.

  • The contemporary rococo wallpaper print brings out the laser-cut fabric draped over the hanging lamp Organic shape of the hanging lamp contrasts with the verticle striped wallpaper

  • Paint down – If your wallpapered wall contrasts too starkly with other walls, pain them in a complementary color. The difference is barely noticeable if done right.

  • Kiddy graffiti – Children’s graffiti on wallpapers will ease to be a headache with easy-to-clean wallpaper. It is specially designed for children so it doubles up as a large canvas for them to spread their creativity.

  • Large art – Wallpaper is an art by itself. Try using a large, single pattern on a wall like a dramatic mural. Your new art piece will definitely cost less than an actual painting.

Here's an introduction to contemporary home decor with wallpaper as well as some wall decor ideas.

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