Wallpaper for Contemporary Interior

In contemporary home decor, wallpaper is no longer limited to the walls. It can be used anywhere – on a cabinet front or a door panel – for an intriguing texture or pattern. With the return of romantic decorating in contemporary home decor, this is a big thing in interior design. Read on to know more.


The new generation of wallpapers are easily strippable, reasonably resilient to light damage and washable. Today, there are four main categories:

  • Paper – Made of just paper. Popular in the past, it is rarely used now as it is not durable, strips poorly and much skill is needed to install it. Take a look at decorating tips for more ideas.

  • Vinyl – Extremely popular, it comes with fabric backing making it very durable and a breeze to maintain. Usually the most expensive type, there are a wealth of designs to choose from as well. The examples below range from nouveau baroque to modern country to pop graphic.

  • Contemporary rococco vinyl wallpaper Beautiful and quirky modern country wallpaper Stark pop-art inspired wallpaper

  • Textile – Textile wallpaper uses fabrics like silk or linen on the top layer for a dressier effect. They are usually treated to be stain-repellent.

  • Rich and contemporary fabric wallpaper with matching curtains

  • Specialty – The most expensive category, this incorporates unique materials like bamboo, straw, wood, pebbles and even sparkly beads. Sometimes, more durable synthetics are used to mimic the look of organic materials.

Why Paper the Wall?

  • Less Mess – You’ll get a great alternative to messy paint jobs and expensive plaster effects. Besides, as design trends evolve, its peel-and-paste flexibility is enormously appealing.

  • Less Cost – While 3-D effects or a delicate play of light and shadow in other mediums require expensive expertise and craftsmanship, it’s impressive visual effects are relatively inexpensive and quickly installed.

  • Psychedelic wallpaper that complements the furnishing

  • Fast Fix – It covers hairline cracks easily and can add value to your house since a tastefully decorated home usually pushes up property prices.

  • Makeover Magic – Textured or heavy-grade paper hides and/or lessens flaws while accentuating the qualities of a room. This allows you to think of matching furniture and accessories – very much like a face-lift. The pictures below illustrate this perfectly.

  • Optical Illusion – Use it to execute design tricks and also ambience where none existed. Bold prints and colors add a different dimension, a daring edge to the room.

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