Home Decor Idea 2: Where to Find Those Special Home Accessories?

Home Decor Idea 2: The expert's advice on finding special home items and accessories:

  1. Antique malls can offer patient shoppers fantastic, one-of-kind gems. Rarely will you walk out empty-handed as there is something for every taste.
  2. Almost anything can be found at eBay. You may not see anything to your liking on the first few pages of your search, but there is almost always a diamond in the rough if you take time to sift through.
  3. Go through your attic, basement and closet for trinkets and keepsakes that still feel fresh and can be comfortably reincorporated inot your decor. Inevitably, if it has formed part of your life, it will add a personal layer to your home.
  4. Pay a visit to the flea market with open mind. You'll find home accessories that can add personality to any space. While you may walk in looking for the perfect dining table, you can walk out with an antique Murano lamp. Tip: arrive early and always haggle over the price.
  5. Sometimes, look to nature for your home accessory - a well-placed piece of twisted driftwood coverd with tiny succulents can beocme a unique sculpture that adds interest and personality to any room.

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