Home Decor Idea 4: More Ideas on Where to Find Those Special Home Accessories

Home Decor Idea 4: Part 2 on the expert's advice on finding special home items and accessories:

  1. Visit estate sales during the weekend. Though relatives of the deceased usually make off with the best stuff, there is still plenty left over for the discerning early bird.
  2. Hospital thrift shops are the treasure troves of castoffs from the rich and stylish who regularly decorate their homes. The fabulous pair of European Chippendale chairs they loved last year may not have suited their fancy and end up as donations. Lucky you!
  3. Combine what artisans of the world have to offer; add a little ethnic flavor by exploring the neighbourhoods in your city and find silks from Thailand, hand-stitched cushion covers from India and rough-hewn tribal stools from Africa.
  4. Check the Yellow Pages and the internet for afforable auction houses; Sotheby's and Christie's aren't the only ones out there. Somestimes, you can find previews online for upcoming sales.
  5. Redecorating your bathroom? Take a look at the local salvage yards for vintage bathtubs, sinks, doors, flooring and more as a growing number of beautiful old properties are being torn down and replaced.

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