Essential Bathroom Storage Tips

Where possible, I’d recommend looking at built-in storage as one of the key contemporary bathroom storage tips.

The reason is simple: fitted storage gives the bathroom a unified architectural look, concealing ugly pipe runs and the underside of sinks while providing useful space for stowing away a wide variety of bathroom essentials as part of that clean contemporary home interior theme.

As with any fixed layout, you may probably require expert help to come up with optimum arrangement of space and make everything fit and function as it should.

If you have a generous amount of space to play with, consider moving the bathtub to the center of the room or sit it at right angle to the wall to create a more dynamic arrangement than the typical perimeter hugging layout.

Open shelving is a good idea for products and accessories that can bear scrutiny, as well as those items you need to keep within arm’s reach.

Glass shelving is popularly used for small area and can be wiped over easily.

Else you an also make use of vanity tops or ledges surrounding built-in features to collect a small and limited group of containers or products.

Some More Bathroom Organization Guide?

Here’re some more bathroom storage tips and details to consider:

• Bathrooms are not necessary the best place to keep all your bath towels and linen, as conditions can be damp and steamy. If the bathroom is small, keep the bulk of the towels elsewhere e.g. linen cupboard or store them away from wet areas within the bathroom itself.

Bathroom storage tips for spare towels and bath products? The bathroom trolley can be pulled near the tub when required and pushed back out of the way afterwards.

• Wall cabinets that combine storage space with a mirrored surface and integral lighting make good use of available space.

• Tooth brushes should be kept by the sink, suspended in wall-mounted toothbrush holder or similar, so they can drain after use. Standing toothbrushes upright in containers is unhygienic and will result in sludge collecting at the bottom of the container.

• If you’re sharing the bathroom with other people, it’s a good idea to color code the toothbrushes to make sure everyone can identify their own toothbrush. For electric toothbrushes, there’s a removable colored plastic ring that is easily removable.

• Keep soap on a wire rack or perforated or ridged dish so that it doesn’t sit in a sticky puddle between use.

• Always keep medicine and toxic cleaners under lock and key if you have young children.

• Plastic mesh bags make good containers for bath toys; otherwise you can buy caddies that slip over the side of the bathtub.

• Bath racks, in chrome-plated metal or word, which bridge the sides of the tub, allow you to keep essentials within reach.

• Consider investing in heated rails. They help organize towels as well as give off background heat. One recent variation is a box with an open front that you mount on the wall. The box is heated, which keeps towels warm and dry.

• If the bathroom doubles as a laundry room, provide a place to keep soap powders, fabric conditioners and laundry baskets hidden from view.

• Good ventilation is essential in a bathroom.

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