Contemporary Furniture Designer 1 - Tord Boontje

I was overseas recently and chanced upon the work of this contemporary furniture designer. It’s romantic, beautifully crafted pieces that look labor intensive. I love the way the designs are expressed on everyday items like curtains, plates, furnishings. They sit on the cusp of design and craft; traditional craft combined with modern technology. It fits into the ever-evolving retro-trend which looks at designs referenced from the past but re-invented to look new again.

Contemporary Furniture Designer - Tord Boontje Chair Contemporary Furniture Designer - Tord Boontje Lamp Detail Contemporary Furniture Designer - Tord Boontje Lamp

While the pieces have the delicate appeal of traditional workmanship, it’s with modern technology that he’s able to manufacture these pieces; designs are drawn on computer and sent to the factory where they are laser-cut and produced into designs. These patterns are also used in digital-making processes such as printing, etching, embroidery or stereo-lithography (3-dimensional printing).

Contemporary Furniture Designer - Tord Boontje Plates

Currently, he’s working with Italian design company, Moroso which will unveil a new collection in April. At the same time, he’s also working on a chandelier for a Swarovski exhibition, also due in April. Let’s look out for more magical designs from this incorrigible romantic.

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