Kitchen Cabinet Types – An Introduction

Looking at my quick introduction of kitchen cabinet types helps before you buy kitchen cabinets. The choices commonly available are:

  • RTA – come dismantled and must be put together on the job site. This is the most affordable way to purchase kitchen cabinets. However, options are limited.

  • Stock cabinets – are pre-constructed and are available in only specific range of styles, colors and sizes. Generally ready for delivery as soon as you place an order, they are readily available through local home centers, kitchen and bath design outlets, and manufacturer’s catalogs. Prices can be reasonable but because stock kitchen cabinet types are preassembled in specific size increments, they may not suit kitchens that already possess architectural idiosyncrasies. Remember, you get what you pay for so entry-level lines within the stock category generally don’t have the structural details and range of options that you expect in the higher-priced line. If your budget is tight, don’t assume you must settle for the ordinary or boring. You can still orchestrate an appealing contemporary design by creatively mixing various stock styles and color ranges, resulting in a kitchen that will visually rival its pricier counterpart.

  • Semi-custom kitchen cabinets – are constructed only after the purchase order is finalized, and thus offer greater latitude with regard to size modifications. Choosing this mid-range category will not only increase your options but alas, your cost as well. Semi-custom generally takes more than 4 weeks to complete.

  • The crème de la crème of the kitchen cabinet world, custom-made kitchen cabinets, affords you the opportunity to stipulate precise details and virtually anything can be created. Your personal preferences are reflected in the materials, color and size. With custom lines, the cabinets conform to the kitchen, rather the other way round. Prices and lead time can increase dramatically with this option. If you select a local tradesperson to construct your kitchen cabinets, it is always prudent to request several references and inspect the quality of their work prior to committing to the project.

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