Bathroom Wash Basin Selection Guide

With so many new developments in bathroom wash basin design, here’re some styles for the design-conscious to consider for bathroom interior design:

  • Wall-hung - Mounted on the wall, this washbasin makes cleaning the floor easier. Some models even have an integrated towel rail below to save space, or wide rim that doubles as a countertop.

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  • The pedestal type is one of the most common, where the washbasin comes with its own leg, concealing the water trap

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    Kitchen basins converted into bathroom basins

  • Above-the-counter or countertop basins were in fashion a few years back and used to take the shape of a salad bowl. It was simply placed on top of the counter (hence the name). They come in materials like ceramic, glass and stainless steel. Ceramic is easiest to maintain compared to glass and stainless steel. The porcelain basin below is made to be placed on a piece of bathroom furniture or similar surface. The examples on the left and right below are in stone and marble respectively.

    Stone wash basin Bathroom wash basin in marble

    For countertop basins, the height of the surface it sits on has to be lowered to maintain the ideal height (usually 33 to 35 inches). For bowl shapes, a tall stand-alone or wall-mounted mixer has to be used. The counter space surrounding the stand-alone tap has a tendency to get wet, so you have to spend some time keeping it dry

    Check also if the basins come with tap holes. For basins without tap holes, you’ll need a taller mixer with a longer sprout because of the extra height and setback. To be safe, you can go for a tap concealed in the wall, whose height is adjustable. The example above shows how two kitchen sinks have been turned into bathroom wash basins

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Remember the following guide when choosing a bathroom wash basin:

  • Always select the basin before the tap fittings. This is because some mixers are restricted to use only for certain basins

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  • Some recent bathroom wash basin designs feature glass top with molded basin in a seamless look. But bear in mind that it can be costly to replace if it chips. If you covet one, insist on tempered glass with a minimum thickness of 1.2 inches or 30 mm for durability

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  • Handcrafted stoneware basins are popular with some home owners as they can be made to fit into awkward corners and in shapes, colors to match unique decors as per the countertop basin examples above

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  • Corian is another new material used for bathrooms as it promises durability and low maintenance. The non-porous, solid surfacing keeps stains, scratches and mildew at bay. You can choose from 74 shades for countertops and basins or you may customize your color

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  • If you’re keen to have a set of concealed mixers and wall-hung water closets, take note of the structural stability before you proceed to hack walls. One way to get round it is to build a false wall

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