Tips and Ideas on Installing Bathroom Showers

Bathroom showers have morphed into sanctuaries for self-pampering. One unique way is to design a bench at the opposite side of the shower head so you can enjoy the water beating down on you. A handheld option is useful for a directed stream or bathing the kids.

Consider using mosaic when tiling the bench. Choose contrasting colors for a dramatic effect or tone down a strong background with a subdued hue in your bathroom color scheme. For a quirkier feel, combine different-sized tiles.

For an invigorating shower, consider installing a shower column. Some models come in slim and versatile panels that fit right into the bathroom corner.

Alternatively, you may look at a shower rose. A ceiling-mounted shower head has one paired with a concealed mixer, so be prepared for some hacking because the mixer valve has to be embedded in the wall before laying the tiles. One way to get round this is to opt for an exposed shower set with a rain head shower (see below). This does away with the hacking and gives you the added flexibility of using the overhead shower or the handheld one. Of the many bathroom showers I've seen, I remember one unique model that comes in a square shower head, lending a contemporary and sculptural feel to the bathroom interior.

Bathroom Showers - Shower Rose Bathroom Showers - Wall Mounted Exposed Shower Rose Bathroom Showers - Hand-held Model in Muted Bathroom Color

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