Great Kitchen Cabinet Storage Ideas and Maximize Kitchen Drawer Space

Here’re some kitchen cabinet storage ideas and drawer organization advise to give more internal storage and maximize kitchen space:

• Rotating carousel units: They are perfect for corner cabinets. They swing items out of spaces that are hard to reach.

• Slide-out trays and pull-out baskets: A tug lets you see everything in your pantry and makes things easy to find.

• Racks: Tall stacks are a nightmare when you need something that is right at the bottom of the pile. Break up contents with vertical or horizontal racks.

• Modular drawer inserts: Great for organizing cutlery, they can be rearranged when needs change.

• Plate dividers or carriers: They get rid of untidy or unstable plate piles, and make carrying them a breeze.

Using modular dividers, your crockery will be organized and readily accessible. Alternatively, consider plate holders (picture, right) as they help maximize kitchen cabinet storage space.

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