Great Wardrobe Organization Tips

With this wardrobe organization tips, I hope you’ll stay committed to keeping the bedroom neat and tidy. Take a look at some great tips and guide to organizing your wardrobe.

Sorting Your Clothes

As a first step, take everything out and clean the inside thoroughly. Look at all your clothes carefully and start sorting out the ones which you’ve not worn for the past 2 years or more. Let’s be realistic, what are the chances you’ll put them on again? If you think you might, archive the garment or footwear in an old suitcase or chest of drawers in the attic and see if you can live without it. If you decide to part with it, dispose of them and pack away clothes that are out of season.

Once you’ve reduced the quantity of clothes, sort the remaining garment. Invest in a collection of slim hangers of similar design to each other rather than using wire coat hangers, so they look smart and orderly on the rail. Because you have reduced their number, each garment should have more space in which to hang, so that it is not squashed by its neighbor.

Sort the clothes according to length, and within each range sort them by color. Hang the longest at one end of your wardrobe and so on until the shortest. Besides looking good, this arrangement will help you find what you want when you want it, quickly and without stress.

Wardrobe Organization Tips for Your Shoes

Having done the above, you should have freed a considerable amount of space beneath, mainly for footwear. So what do you do if your shoes and boots are in a jumble? The first step of wardrobe organization tips requires you to separate them into pairs. Clean and condition them as appropriate before fitting them with shoe trees or, at the least, crumpled tissue paper to help them keep their shape. Replace them in clearly labeled boxes or bags.

Alternative ways of storing shoes include displaying them on open racks in the bottom of the wardrobe, and slotting them into the pockets of a canvas or plastic shore-store. Check that any shoe-store you buy is washable, especially if made of white or natural colored materials which will become dirty with time.

Wire baskets which slide into a metal frame, creating a stack of drawers, offer another useful method of storing shoes in a wardrobe.

Organizing Shared Space

If you share your clothing store with another person, consider how the space is arranged. Could it be better organized by hanging all your garments in one place and organized by length of the garment i.e. long to short? Could the space be more fairly apportioned? If you have more clothes and shoes, does he/she have more computer and office equipment in the home? Could these need for space be more balanced amicably?

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