The Essential Duvet Buying Guide

Of topmost priority in the duvet buying guide is understanding the properties of different fillings and matching them to your needs. Let’s take a look at some common fillings:

    • Natural feather fillings are light, soft, warm, and comfortable with a resilience that results in a longer lifespan. Within this category, duck feather offers the best value for money, duck down adds extra softness, and the luxurious goose down provides more warmth with less weight.

    • Combinations of natural fillings create a duvet with all-round benefits. The first listed ingredient is the dominant one, so expect a duck- feather-and-down duvet to be at least 80 percent feathers, while the stuffing in a duck-down-and-feather duvet will consist of a minimum of 51 percent down.

    • Synthetic fillings are a good alternative to natural ones, especially if you are allergic to feathers or need to wash your duvet frequently. A good-quality synthetic duvet can compare admirably with the warmth and softness of down.

Duvet Buying Guide: Warmth Rating

All duvets have a warmth rating measured either in togs or as fill power; the higher the tog or the fill power, the warmer the duvet. To provide suitable warmth for all seasons, duvets can be bought in combination form as two separate duvets:

    • A lightweight duvet for the summer

    • A middleweight one for autumn

    Spring could then be combined to provide extra warmth for the winter.

    Duvet Buying Guide: Size

    Choose a duvet size to match your bed: a king-size duvet on a king-size bed will allow enough width to drape comfortably over the sides of the mattress. If you prefer a billowing duvet style, or have a tendency to battle with your partner for the bedding, select a duvet one size larger than the bed.

    Duvet Maintenance Tips

    Looking after your duvet and pillows will extend their lifespan. Plump up pillows and shake duvets daily in order for the fillings to air and relax. A duck- feather-and-down duvet can last for ten years, and a goose-down duvet for up to twenty-five years if it is well looked after. Duvets with natural fillings should be professionally cleaned at intervals of five years. It is recommended that pillows be replaced, or at least cleaned, every three years.

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