Practical Pillow Buying Guide

An important thing to note in the pillow buying guide is the choice of filling; either natural or synthetic. The emphasis here is on support and comfort rather than weight and warmth.

If you prefer to sink your head into a deep, soft pillow, choose down or a traditional feather-and-down mix. In the same way as duvets, there is a variation in the ratio of feather providing the support to down providing the softness:

    • Pure down pillows are the ultimate in comfort, retain their shape well, and are very durable.

    • Good-quality synthetic pillows can match the quality of natural ones, although they tend to bounce rather than sink under your head. Easy to wash and dry at home, they are also far less expensive.

    • Support pillows made from high-density foam can be used on their own, or placed under your usual pillow to provide contour support around the neck and shoulders.

Pillow Maintenance Tips

Looking after your pillows will extend their lifespan. Plump up pillows daily in order for the fillings to air and relax. It is recommended that pillows be replaced, or at least cleaned, every three years.

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