Simple Bathroom Renovation Guide

This quick and easy bathroom renovation guide will help you achieve the style and quality you’ve incorporated into the other rooms:

Bathroom Renovation Guide: Step 1

When designing your bathroom, thinking of your current needs and future needs is the most crucial step. Even in the earliest stages of planning your new, or ‘soon-to-be’ renovated bathroom, it pays to visit your local interior design center to collect ideas on the range of bathroom fittings on offer and the styles of bathrooms that are available.

If you’re considering a contemporary bathroom interior, try incorporating chrome, gold or other sleek metal finishes into the bathroom fittings, trimmings, bathroom accessories and color scheme of your bathroom. You may wish to consider using marble or stone tiles on the floors and walls with contrasting color basins and bath.

For a more traditional styled bathroom, cast iron bath or gold timber panels on the wall and brass taps will incorporate well into a vintage style. You should consider incorporating a range of heritage colors, vintage-looking fixtures and decorative accessories into your room.

As you can see, there are many questions to ask yourself. Do you want a spa bath, claw foot bath, combination shower bath or a plain shower? What type of vanity unit or basin do you want? Double bowls, three drawer vanity or pedestal basin? The list goes on….and within each product choice is a range of fixtures to suit every bathroom style, everyone’s color and feature preference, as well as every budget.

Bathroom Renovation Guide: Step 2

Now that you’re starting to think of the styles and product options for your bathroom interior, you should undertake an information search.

Firstly, visit your local interior design center to obtain advice on the type of products available and collect bathroom product brochures, or visit your local building information center or home shows for tips on bathroom design. From these, you will begin to see designs that will appeal to both your style and budget.

Bathroom Renovation Guide: Step 3

After your ideas gathering stage, determining a budget for your finished design is imperative. It is easy to overspend when you are renovating or building, so you should obtain quotes for all the products and labor required to complete your bathroom. Remember, you may need to seek council permission if you are embarking on any major structural developments in your bathroom. This may mean administrative costs need to be factored into your budget. Your plumber or contractor can advise you in this area.

Bathroom Renovation Guide: Step 4

The layout stage is where the fun begins! Now that you know the style that suits your need and your budget, you need to develop a layout for your intended bathroom design. Doing a bathroom planning is essential to ensuring nothing is forgotten when it comes to laying out your ideal bathroom and selecting the products and fittings that suit your needs. This step will show you how your floor plan will function, incorporating the location of your bath or shower vanity, toilet, storage space and the other elements of your design.

Bathroom Renovation Guide: Step 5

Upon finalizing your bathroom design and style concepts, take your planning to the local interior design center for suggestions and advice. You may also work with an interior designer to get all the help your need to create your beautiful bathroom.

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